Comparison of various type of candy is an important component

Before selecting any particular candy, one needs to make the required comparison of all the available candy in order to succeed in the candy business. Decision-making completely depends upon the right selection of the products. The factors, which need to be compared, are as follows:

a)      Price- Price of various comparable candies should be done beforehand, before deciding anything for price factor. As price is the biggest attraction for the customer.

b)      Customer services policy- The various customer services policies of different companies need to be measured and then a fixed policy for the business should be fixed.

c)      Package option- the packaging of the competitive product, if is attractive, then the products launched by you should be packed in the attractive manner too in order to gain advertisement and to create demand.

d)      Discounts- Compare the various discounts offered by the different competitive companies should never be ignored and one could try to stay at par with it.